Who are we?

Present customers ever-increasing expactations and the fact that it is getting harder to reach new customers day by day, forced the corporations to adopt an understanding which puts the “customers” in the center. To come up with the best product or service is not a reason for preference by itself anymore. In the same time providing the best customer experience is a major factor to be preferred. In an world which digitalizes every day, also CRM (Customer Relationship Managment) gives its place to CX (Customer Experience) concept.

In this conversion process, Regna established in 2012 with the mission to design customer oriented business processes for the customer which works with and providing the opportunity to track this processes over one of the most succesful business softwares SAP. Since the establishment, Regna was not only the pioneer in understanding new technologies but also the new “customer related” business models and informs the corporations which works with.

Regna that is contiuning their institutinalization works to provide the disciplined and happy company culture, is adopted sustaining of perfect experience to the workers, customers, as simply, all the collaboraters.